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Experience the unique blend of art and technology with this stunning oil painting on canvas, complete with a real clock assembled directly onto the surface. This masterful piece seamlessly integrates organic and mechanical elements, with a delicate feminine profile illuminated by a soft light, and branches, leaves, and roots growing from her hair. Admire the artist’s incredible technique in every detail of the painting, from the soft brushstrokes to the precise shapes of the mechanical objects. With “Time”, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind work of art that will add sophistication and intrigue to any room.

The Artwork “Time”  by the artist Yosan Leon MIrabet is a captivating oil painting that blends organic and mechanical elements into a beautiful composition. In the center of the painting, a feminine profile emerges from the darkness, with delicate and expressive features illuminated by a soft light. From her hair, branches, leaves, and roots grow, intertwining to create sinuous and harmonious shapes.

But nature is not the only force present in the painting: there are also elements created by humans that skillfully integrate into the scene. The most prominent of these is a real clock that has been assembled directly onto the canvas, giving the impression that time itself is flowing and evolving in the painting.

The combination of these organic and mechanical elements creates a hypnotic and surprising effect, with a sense of balance and unity that captures the viewer’s attention. The artist’s masterful technique can be appreciated in every detail of the painting, from the soft and subtle brushstrokes to the precise and detailed shapes of the mechanical objects.

“Time” is an impressive work that will leave you amazed by its beauty and complexity. Definitely a piece that any art lover should take into account.

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  1. Joshua

    Awesome Artwork,

    • yosan.yjj

      thank you.

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