Discover the Captivating Art of Yosan Leon, the Cuban Artist Who Captured the Essence of Pink Floyd’s New Single

Are you searching for unique and imaginative artworks to adorn your home? Are you passionate about supporting emerging artists who are shaping the future of contemporary art? Look no further than Yosanle, the online destination where you can discover the extraordinary creations of Yosan Leon Mirabet, an exceptionally talented and innovative Cuban artist.

Yosan Leon boasts a solid background in the visual arts, with notable studies at the Professional Fine Arts School “Oscar Fernández Moreira” and the Fine Art Institute “Roberto Diago.” In Cuba, he showcased his versatility through captivating exhibitions that seamlessly intertwined painting, sculpture, and ceramics. Since 2014, Yosan Leon has been based in the United States, where he has astounded audiences with exhibitions such as “Confluence” and “En el monte,

monte soy” and more.
His work is a masterful blend of color, shape, and symbolism. Among his recurring motifs, the sunflower stands out—a symbol he has skillfully humanized to tell poignant stories. One of his notable works, titled “The Gaze of the Sunflower,” is part of the Confluence series he created in 2015. It caught the attention of David Gilmour, the renowned guitarist of Pink Floyd, who selected it to grace the cover of his new single, “Hey Hey Rise UP,” dedicated to Ukraine.
This particular artwork pays tribute to the woman who captured the world’s attention as she distributed sunflower seeds to Russian soldiers, encouraging them to carry the seeds in their pockets. Her belief was that when they eventually fell, the sunflowers would bloom—a testament to hope and resilience. Yosan Leon feels deeply honored and grateful to have contributed to this cause and to express solidarity with the Ukrainian people through his art.
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The Story Behind Yosan Leon’s Sunflower Artwork

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